Use this website to check whether any visits you make to Turkey satisfy the 90/180 day rule.

You can apply for an E-Visa using the link to the official Turkish Website. Beware of other sites which charge extra.

From the menu on the left, you can read how the date calculations are made or check passport requirements .

Finally, you can contact me with any comments, queries or problems using the website.

Date Calculations

Date Calculations (or what is a week?)

If you fly to Turkey on Saturday 10th and return home on Saturday 17th, how many days have you been in Turkey?. Is it seven or eight?

This used to depend on the Immigration Officer but now it is computerised, we stand a better chance of working it out.

Calculations on this site count the 10th to 17th as SEVEN days and here's why.....

I was recently fined for a 4 day overstay (which prompted me to create this website!).
My trip dates were 27th April to 21st May and 8th July to 16th September. Using the first trip as an example, the number of days could counted as 25 (21 days in May plus 27th, 28th, 29th and 30th April).
This website calulates it as 24 days plus 70 days for the summer trip -- 94 days.